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Barbara Rogoski

Barbara Rogoski is an American Executive Speaker Coach who specializes in helping business managers, directors and executives to present their messages with confidence and impact. Her unique “no blah-blah” style of coaching and confidence building has been implemented on stages all around the world. Her passion for her clients empowers them to speak their truth and make a difference. Barbara’s talent is in bringing out that greatness in every speaker and every speech.

Books by Barbara Rogoski

Boring To Brilliant

Executive Speaker Coach and TEDx senior speaker coach, Barbara Rogoski shares her knowledge and expertise to help you take your speech, pitch or presentation from boring to brilliant.  Barbara has coached hundreds of TEDx speakers, Fortune 500 directors, partners and executives and successful startup leaders. What she has done for them she can do for you and for the speakers in your organization. This insightful, entertaining speaker’s guide is full of powerful tips you can integrate right away into your next public speaking event.

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Founder of UNILAD and LADBible |ADHD Chatter Podcast Host “I can’t recommend this book enough. Barbara’s ‘straight-to-the-point’ approach makes the book super fun. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to deliver an impactful speech. It’s full of great tips and advice that helped me transform my speech from a boring monologue into an engaging show stopper.

~ Alex Partridge

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Q&A is More than Just Q&A

Q&A is More than Just Q&A

When you do a content heavy presentation and you finish the speech and out of habit, you say, “Are there any questions?” you might be missing an opportunity to dig deeper to see how the audience really feels about your presentation. Are you trying to persuade them or convince them of something? If so, you […]

What is my Objective of this Speech?

What is my Objective of this Speech?

Preparing an important speech for you leadership team or stakeholders? Showing results or asking for funding? You need to consider what your objective is before you start preparing it. If it is your objective to PURSUADE the audience – then you will try to change their mind about something. If you want to CONVINCE them, […]

Why is Telling a Story With Your Data more important than Ever?

Why is Telling a Story With Your Data more important than Ever?

People like to tell stories and people like to hear good stories. Stories stick more than statistics, I always say. But when you have some data or numbers that you want to share, it is not so easy to make a good story out of it. We are so overwhelmed with social media, that our […]